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A lot of problems in SNCKPB17

@admin, I have been facing a lot of problems during SNCKPB17 like :

  1. Internal error 503 : Every time I visit a page on the contest, I am greeted with this error code and I have to refresh once or twice to get to the page I wanna browse.
  2. Slow submission rate : Each submission takes as long as 7-10 mins to process which is tiring.
  3. Problem with online IDE : One outta every five attempts when I try to run a program on online IDE, it gives an error : Internal Error. I cannot check my submissions beforehand with some test cases due to this problem.

These problems only occur in this particular contest and it has been very troublesome for me to deal with it. Please look into it and take necessary steps.

asked 31 May '17, 22:42

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The Codechef servers are likely overwhelmed by the number of submissions for SNCKPB17. Points 1 and 2 are not in our control, but you can another online IDE or your local environment as a temporary solution to point 3. Good luck :)

(31 May '17, 22:45) meooow ♦6★

I concede with your suggestion for 3rd point. But don't you think a submission time of 7-10 mins is agonizingly slow for a contest of 24 hrs duration??

(31 May '17, 23:06) jjtomar1★

Of course, it is quite tiresome. But I am sure Codechef are doing everything they can to deal with this issue. Also it seems that the problem has been solved for now.

(01 Jun '17, 02:19) meooow ♦6★

Well seems like codechef did not expect such a heavy response for Snackdown. Since the competition has started, there has been various instances of slow submissions and internal errors. They are trying there bit by hiding the ranklist and stuff but I guess we have no other option but bear with it.


answered 31 May '17, 23:22

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Answer is hidden as author is suspended. Click here to view.

answered 31 May '17, 23:59

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Please do make your code secret/private before you use ideone though. Costed me a huge negative rating sometime ago :(

(01 Jun '17, 00:09) ista2000 ♦4★

Internal Server error and IDE problems are still, we can do something.

But taking lot of time in submission is a REAL pain. Especially when you are stuck with a minor bug (whic, you of course dont know) and are trying/blind guessing various corrections (while blind guessing isnt the best thing to do, it sometiems leads to AC. But if each submission takes ~10 minutes....then that will be a problem).

I think codechef should do some maintenance break on their server. The lost time can be added to the contest. A 1 hr break b/w some late hours (Something similar they did when Lunchtime issue arised- for snackdown pre-eli round A). I feel is lot better than doing the entire contest with these many inconveniences.


answered 01 Jun '17, 00:31

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U have raised great topic since it becomes big problem for all users. but some time it became a problems which does not have have proper solution, YES its right ! So as u have raised 3 problem i want to define for u.

1.Internal error 503

  • Cause of 503 Service Unavailable Errors

    Most of the time, a 503 error occurs because the server is too busy or because there's maintenance being performed on it.

2.Slow submission rate

3.Problem with online IDE

  • Try too use different IDE's

Ex: click here


answered 03 Jun '17, 14:58

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edited 03 Jun '17, 15:00

Now the pages are working just fine check it now.


answered 01 Jun '17, 00:38

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@akash_sengar, i did went through a lot of troubles due to these problems, but i think there is not much that can be done for this as these problems surface everytime when there is a lot of active participation due to some ongoing contest. We faced this problem before SNCKPA17 and during SNCKPB17 too. I guess that we'll have to deal with this somehow unless otherwise @admin really decides to fix it up.


answered 03 Jun '17, 15:07

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