#1 of DIV-2 has Fake College Name

Lots of people are registering with fake college name, Even 1st ranker of Div-2 has fake college name and he changed the college name when contest is over.I request to codechef @admin to take strong steps for this kind of activities. Lots of people will not get scholarship even if they are deserving.

His rank in my college is also #1 :smile:

His profile after changing the college name: https://www.codechef.com/users/lumc_


Ye to hadd hi ho gyi bhai
Koi ni bhai
Topper se haare ho tum garv hone chahiye tumhe to:smiley:


I apologize my fault of having set wrong college, confusing and being dishonest.
I thought I’ve checked the Student and leave the School blank, but this is Required and one from the complement had been set. ( Anyway, I should have checked. )
As soon as I found this, I have turned off it, but the detail showed on the scoreboard was left as it was.
I hope you will be correctly evaluated.
And I agree with this article for better system.


It good to see that you realize your mistakes and accept it. There is no need to apologize but take care for next time… :slight_smile:

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