100% Attendance Reward

I have scored non zero score in all Long,Cook off and Lunchtime contest from Oct '18 to Sept '19. But 2 months gone , I haven’t received the 100% attendance reward laddus. May I know how long I need to wait? @admin


You did not take part in May Lunchtime. Checked it out from your profile.

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I took part, that went unrated but I still had 1 ac submission. I can see I have completed 12 month streak here https://codatt.herokuapp.com/?user=edge555&yr=18&mnth=10&submit=

That might be a glitch, coz when it is an unrated contest, there is compile error sign(when you submit your code). So, I am feeling sorry for you because just because of 1 contest you can’t claim 1000 laddus.

I solved 2 problems in May Lunchtime 2019

A url speaks more than 1000 words.



Its okay if you don’t take part in an unrated contest.
Afaik they give attendance to everyone for unrated contests. ( At least if it went unrated because of server issues instead of incorrect test cases)
So no issues.
And as we can see he has already participated in this contest as well.


2 months ain’t enough :stuck_out_tongue:
It will take time.
It took 3-6 months for me iirc.
It will be given only if MOSS process is over for all those 36 contests.
Tag vijju123
Request him.
Maybe you’ll get it little sooner.


@vijju123 bro please have a look on this issue

Hey bro, it will take more time :frowning: . Even my own laddus are pending :stuck_out_tongue: . Because your latest month is September, I think it will take about a month or 2 according to my estimates. Just be patient, if you have the attendance then you will get them.


Afaik they give attendance to everyone for unrated contests.

Not for all unrated contests. For server issues one.

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Got it. Thanks :slight_smile:


@vijju123 I have 100% attendance from oct 19 to sep 20 Haven’t recieved lad till now its been 8 months pls check this …

Have you got the laddus by now? I had a streak from Jan 20 Long to Dec 20 Lunchtime. Now, it’s December 21 but the laddus still haven’t been credited to my Codechef goodies account.

@edge555 what about you? Have the laddus been credited to your account?

Yes, I got my laddus of Oct '18 to Sept '19 at Aug '20, I also maintained the streak next year. Still haven’t received the laddus of Oct '19 to Sept '20.

I had from oct 19 to Sep 20 still haven’t received anything even they are not replying to my emails.

Okay, thank you for your reply @edge555

Can you reply to this thread in case your laddus from Oct '19 to Sep '20 get credited? Thanks.

@admin @vijju123 can you please look into this? I still haven’t received the laddus, and it’s been over a year now.

My streak was from Jan '20 Long to Dec ‘20 Lunchtime (as well as a few contests after Dec 20’ Lunchtime too). Within that span, two rated contests were made unrated due to server issues, but according to the rules, you get attendance for contests made unrated due to server issues, regardless of whether you actually had participated in it or not.

No, still not received.