12 mins and still goin on

What has happened to CodeChef?
I submitted my solution about 12 mins ago but still, it hasn’t checked my solution.
Please Update your servers

PS. Now18 min has passed.

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only 18 mine is in queue for 40 mins now

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exactly!! severs are down…I’m waiting for like 40 mins…and just reloading pages…

@admin I submitted a solution 1 minute before finish contest but it did not even enter queue as server went down. I lost rank because of this.

I’m not sure but in my case buffering sign is coming but if you click on the submission under my submissions, verdict is shown.

If you check your submission, https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/42102338
verdict is shown despite being shown running/in queue in the profile.

This is nothing mine is queue for 38 minute Codechef is getting annoying day by day first the amount of contest in codechef is low and second this happen
How is this competitive if you have to wait 30 min just to know if answer is right or wrong
@admin Please check this
this is happening a lot these days and Its sucks NGL