3 star codechef

Please anyone can help me how can I become 3 star coder. I am new in programming.

Upsolve the problems that you can’t solve during the contest.
Read Editorials, blogs and learn new topics.
And the most important thing, don’t worry much about ratings.

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Out of my curiosity, how much time do you generally take to upsolve a problem? I know it depends upon the problem, but what about when you have to learn a completely new topic to upsolve that next problem that you could not solve during the contest?

As for me, I am yet to upsolve BITSWAPS and it has already been nearly two days since Long challenge ended. I learned that it can be solved using DSU or any graph traversal algo + connected components concept. Currently, I know none of them. :no_mouth:

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I generally don’t have much time to upsolve but I try to look into the editorial and someone’s approach for the particular problem. Then when I get free time I try to upsolve it.