3star to 4star question patterns

You can look at my profile.
I wanted to ask from the community that what am I missing ? Like for past a year I am not able to increase my rating to 4star.
I also practice problems and participate in Codeforces contests , I also upsolve the contest questions.
But I am not able to solve Div-2 (B) question very fast in the contest . I also have done questions on leetcode (300+) on DSA .
I am confident in DSA questions but when it comes to cc,cf I am not able to solve 2nd question of div-2 on either of platform .

Well your path is correct .It is only about one good contest and how motivated you are.In the contest where there is no penalty you can try to write the code as fast as you can once you crack the intuition behind the question.The best will be you will get an early AC and the worst is WA.So keep practicing(more on codeforces +(100 to 400) your rating questions) and some day you will achieve your feat.

@anon87423421 you have solved only 112 problems. solve ~500 problem of rating greater than you’r
current rating .