500 Internal server Error

Anybody having this issue while opening codechef.com???


Yes. Codechef is down

yes me

Can’t opennnnnn !!!


It happens every time there’s an official short contest, and it usually starts working in a minute or 2

Plz @admin extend the timing of the contest…

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Same here! I am having same problem !

But this time, I think I should shut my laptop down, doesn’t look like the website’s gonna work, it’s been 5 minutes now


There must have been a huge load…as everyone’s staying home… :stuck_out_tongue:

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working now


I think now the codechef engineers realise how scalable is their prdouct :joy:…

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Did it open for anyone else?

Codechef wishing us April Fools :laughing:

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Segmentation fault xD

extend the time of contest. i think codechef infected by corona

This virus is a shit! Now, CodeChef is infected by it.

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