502 bad gateway, codechef.com and contest not loading [duplicate]

Starters40 not loading along with codechef.com. It’s been 5 mins into the contest!!!

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Facing the same error, created a post just before you did… maybe you could also discuss there and close this one or let mods close either one of the posts.

But yeah, I am also getting 502 Bad Gateway Error

Site is working now

Are you able to load contest page? It’s still not loading for me…

Again the site is not loading :sweat_smile: Just saw that Samsung will organize starters 41

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True it’s annoying…

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I guess that this contest will be hosted again tomorrow

Yes, that’s what the admin said.
Tomorrow, same time. i.e, Thursday, 26th May, 8:00 PM IST

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Seems like starting in ~20 mins

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Yes, I have seen this after commenting this @wicked_knight, BTW thanks

Yes now the site is working
Thanks @ka_sh
Best of luck to all

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Now I understand why too many requests/participants are there today, just notice linkedin subscriptions perk thing lol. You’re welsome @iamtheone_kool best to you!

no actually, idk why but it shows 17 minutes on the contest page for my division but it shows 23 hours at the main contest page. so just wait 15-20 minutes and check it out yourself I guess

it’s tomorrow, you can see the ‘compete’ page, it shows 26th May 2022 now

Yes first it was showing that the contest is in 22 mins, but now it is showing that contest is tomorrow

That’s too much :rofl: That the CodeChef server crashed just because people want free LinkedIn subscriptions