503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

why i am seeing this(ie “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable”) message on my browser when i am trying opening discussion forum.

It’s just some technical difficulties. Try reloading and you will get the page.

It occurs probably because of too much load on the server.

the problem isn’t from your side it is from codechef site being overloaded since the competition that night …just reload 3-4 times and the request goes through

This is a technical or server problem. Please close your browser wait some time and try again.

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For info about error you can check blog-http://findnerd.com/list/view/Http-Status-Codes-and-Explain-all-codes/2730/

This error happen for a wide variety of reasons. Normally, this error can be due to a temporary overloading or maintenance being performed on the server and it is resolved after a period of time or once another thread has been released by web-server application. In most cases this could happen (assuming there are no faults in your app) if there are long running tasks and as a result the request queue is backed up.The subsequent points serve as a possible fix, aimed toward resolving the 503 Service Unavailable Error.

  • Reload (Refresh) the page
  • Scan for Malware
  • Visiting the website later
  • Contact server admin