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I’ve been trying this for over 10 minutes and it should work. But I keep getting a failure. Can someone explain to me why it’s not working? It would be much appreciated.

Here’s my code:
T = int(input())
for i in range(T):
N = 0
N = input()
print (N[::-1])

Just put int before printing



I’ve been trying this for over 10 minutes

You should have tried a bit more

Is there a tutorial on how to submit code on this platform?

Tutorial? Just go to the problem page. On top right and also at the bottom, you will see a blue “Submit” button. Click on it, which will redirect you to submit page. Select your language and paste the code. Alternatively, you can also select your file. Click on submit.

Yes got it, thanks, sorry to bother you it was too dumb of me

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