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I’m a 2nd-year university student and I’ve been programming for almost 2 years now. A lot of fellow programmers will agree on the fact that one of the best ways to actually master data structure and algorithm is to take part in as many coding competitions as possible. I used to wake up in the morning and visit all the major coding websites to see if there was a contest today. And since there are so many of them, losing track of a few of the contest wasn’t something new.

So in order to solve this problem, I decided to make an android app that would fetch the contest’s schedule from all the major coding websites and display all of them in a single place. No sooner I made the app, I distributed it to all my friends and they find it extremely useful. So I decided to put the app on the play store for other people to explore and use.

Few pointers on the app:-

  • The app is and will always be ad-free

  • The app is made using the flutter framework

  • The app is extremely easy on the eyes


Work on the followings :

  1. The list becomes confusing when there are many contest from same website. So see if can group them together.
  2. We cannot see the details of the contest. Give a link or open the webpage in the app.
  3. Even the ongoing challenges are showing reminders which is not possible. Fix that.
  4. The banner on the top is showing the lowest and the highest possible date when there are no contest today. Please remove it.
  5. Consider changing the format of timings shown and make it more easily understandable, and also add additional details.

Overall its a good app, keep it up👍


Noted!!! Will surely work on every single one of them!

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You can also add interviewbit, facebook.

Even I experienced it.

Good Job and I am installing the app right now.

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on it!

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Thank you for the app. Installed it.

Though I want to ask an off-topic question. How was your flutter learning experience? What sources did you use to learn?

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@navjeet0 It was extremely smooth for the most part! If you’re familiar with OOPS it’ll be a cakewalk. I basically took the Angela Yu course on Udemy, and read the documentation.

@voidmemories Do you have an iPhone app as well? It’s made on Flutter, so porting to iOS should be easy.

A bigger challenge you might face on iOS is the exorbitant price of getting into the developer ecosystem: IIRC a developer license was $99 a year or something.

Overall it looks great! Do you get notifications for the ongoing challenges?

Good Work​:clap::clap:

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@aniruddha_deb Though porting to IOS is extremely simple, but since I’m not earning money off this app $99 PA ain’t cool for me!

I guess we have quite we interface as well : CLIST.BY[ All the contest schedules!]

i too did the same. That course is amazing.

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hey, bud its a great app but can u also add links to the contests.

@captainxop you got it!

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Why didn’t something like clist.by ?

Good job bro!
Well, I had made a simple website previously, for ease of access of programming websites.
if anyone finds it useful can use it . code-in-one :slightly_smiling_face:

Add flutter link too