A better Way of reporting cheaters

The usual way of reporting cheaters is to mail to help@codechef.com.

The usual problem with this is that they get 1000’s of mails and 100’s of users only. Which makes it difficult to navigate through submission checks or manual plag checks.

I have made this form to help Solve the problem. People Interested in reporting can fill this form with submission url of the problem they think is cheated.

Then A script will be ran and duplicate entries will be removed. The report is generated from the script with user name and total contest the user is involved cheating.

This report is mailed to admin every 15 days.

Don’t Hesitate to fill the form. U can be as anonymous as you please.

PS: I would ask @admin to pin this to the top and also not to merge in Use this for anything related to plagiarism - Reporting cheating, appeals, etc. cause then it will go to the bottom and not many would pay attention to this
Let’s Screw Cheaters