A bit of advice?

Hi there need a bit of advice ,
I am here (codechef) basically to prepare for my upcoming campus internship rounds. Can anyone clear my confusion
1)Long Challenges are more of maths rather than dsa, better practice dsa than wasting time on long challenge ?
2)If anyone can guide me through pattern and how to ace internships It would be of great help


In my interviews i barely faced any math questions, but typical problem solving questions were asked, on arrays and strings, too complicated algorithms aren’t necessary, due to the time constraint in interviews it’s usually linear data structures, recursion or simple dp.
Apart from problem solving, be thorough with your projects, and whatever subjects you’ve learnt in college(once an interviewer kept drilling my friend on mergesort for almost 2 hours), practice designing normalized databases, and object oriented design, (not system design for internship though).
Also go through os concepts, and little bit of other knowledge like a couple important Linux commands and stuff like what scheduling algorithm is used in Linux(was asked to me once).
That’s all I can say from my limited experience…
Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Good luck for your interviews


I used a free course that goes by the name of Sudo Placement on Gfg. Link is https://practice.geeksforgeeks.org/batch/Sudo%20Placement%202019 .
I did give contests side by side on Atcoder , CC and Cf.

I believe Long challenge on codechef are not going to help in interviews. Rather short contest questions like on codeforces might help. Another platform would be geeksforgeeks and leetcode.