A bug or a feature?

I am currently participating in the June long challenge. and when I entered the contest, I didn’t have any institute in my profile. I added the institute right after I attempted a problem, as I saw some of my friends giving the same contest. I thought it would be quite good to compete against them and compare. Well, the contest has been going on for 6 days now, and my institute has not been updated on the rank list. Also when I filter my institute to see my username, it isn’t there.In the rank list “not available” is written in its place.

So, I directly contacted the bugs@codechef.com, and they responded after 3 days, that it is, in fact, a feature! Well, here’s my query, why?

Well, I also want to know the same. Why?

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Institute gets updated on the ranklist only when the current contest will end :slight_smile:

Only the creator of Codechef can tell you :grin::joy:

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Many times, college contests are conducted on Codechef. In these college contests you’ll find most of the times there are prizes/ladoos for top rankers of the conducting institute. Now suppose if you got rank 1 in this competition and say, MNIT Allahabad is conducting the competition but you are not from MNIT Allahabad. Then in the contest you can change your institute and claim the institute specific prize.
Registration for prizes may not allow you to get the prizes but sometimes there’s no registration for prizes/ladoos.
Maybe they put this “feature” for all contests. Maybe that’s the reason.

Yes, but those are specific contests that are set up by the institutes.
I don’t think they give any prizes based on institute ranking in these contests(conducted by Codechef)? do they?
But updating the institute after the contest is over seems pointless to me in codechef-conducted contests.

No, there are no institute specific prizes for codechef conducted competitions. Maybe they implemented it for all contests and just let it stay like that.

Why do you want it to update during contest ?
Do you switch your institution every week (/every day)?
I think it makes the contest rank list fetch query fast.
They keep such prizes sometimes in codechef conducted competitions too.

No, why would anyone change their institute constantly, but there are people who haven’t selected their institute and may choose while the contest is going on. Atleast, for them they should update.
If they keep these prizes in codechef competitions then its valid for them to update the list after the contest ends.

This happens only once per account right ??

Well, I don’t really know if someone would be that motivated to change their institutes again and again, I see no point to it. Maybe what you’re saying about codechef having some prizes for certain institutes could be a reason for them to change it. I guess then it makes sense to update after the contest is over.

Yeah it gets changed in next contest
They shouldn’t update in previous contest for keeping records right ?
Even “stars” are preserved in previous ranklist I think
You will be shown 2 star there if you were 2 star during that contest.