A CodeForces app with unique features

Hello Coders!!!
IMP NOTE- This blog is for those who use codeforces (also mentioned it in the title). The only purpose of writing it here is because if someone missed this blog on codeforces website probably because of too much crowd of the the blogs there, then he may read it from here.

Presenting you a brand new codeforces app with some unique features :slight_smile:

The app shows Data* for any user handle under any of the following 3 category-




The Data shown for the selected category for any CodeForces user consists of the following information :-

  1. Number of Submissions, made by the user (while in contest/virtual/practice)
  2. Number of ACs, WAs, etc.
  3. Number of problems solved under a particular problem rating
  4. Number of problems solved under a particular problem tag.

(Example you can know how many DP problems you have solved in practice, how many 1900 rated problems you have solved in contests, etc.)

I hope this app will help you to monitor your activity better and you can easily know your weak and strong topics. Many new features (like date in filter,etc.) will be added in the future. You can download the app from play store — link. If you have any doubts regarding it or want to suggest something or found any bug, please comment below.

BTW This is my first app, so hoping for a positive response :smiley:


Very Nice App , thanks…

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glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Is this available in app store as well ??

No, its only available on playstore :slight_smile:

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