A complete newbie

I have just started competitive programming,
I have learned python but I don’t have any knowledge of standard algorithms and data structures.I am currently a student in First year at Mumbai University.
Please help from where should I get started.!


this might help you.

Hi friend,

From my point of view Mycodeschool might help you.

Happy coding

You need to practice as many questions as possible.Sort the questions according to submissions and than try to do them. If you don’t get them in one go try them again .And yes you do not need to jump to questions involving data structures ,algorithms. Since you are a newbie try to do basic questions which involve basic knowledge of Maths and a bit of logic.
Freshers tend to jump to editorial quite quickly .I would suggest you to give a good shot at the question and then jump to solutions(editorial) if you face difficulty.

Happy Coding

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u need to refer lot of programming books and online tutorials and try to start with basic programming… also u can refer to Java Discover for more simple questions and answers to read