A crude solution to the cheating in contests

After every contest, the ratings should not increase immediately. A projected increase should be shown instead. Final ratings should be updated once the plag checkers have run their course.

I am aware that this is a crude solution and I’m sure someone has thought of this before, why has it not been implemented (In some form) yet? People would be happy to wait for a few weeks for their ratings to solidify, if they haven’t cheated, then their ratings would only be higher than the projected ratings. The key here is to give a temporary name to the increased ratings until they are confirmed.

We can’t stop people from uploading the answers( Reporting? lol), we can only stop people from trying to copy.


Check the people who only give long challenges first, these are the ones who cheat most. Even if you say that ratings don’t matter, they do, they give us a sense of progress. If someone can get the same rating as us without doing the hard work, it hurts out morale.

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