A doubt on Fake ICPC 2019 contest problem

I was going through the questions of the FAKE ICPC 2019 contest held on 24th February 2019.
Now, there is a problem in it named Snakes and Ladders Game
Link :

I had a test case in my mind
5,67 33,96
According to me transition should be 1->5->67->68->33->96->100
So, die rolls required are
  1. 4 to go to 5, then it automatically climbs to 67
  2. 1 to go to 68 , then it automatically comes down to 33 and from 33 it automatically goes to 96
  3. 4 to go to 100
    So, in total 3 rolls are required and question was to tell minimum number of die rolls required to reach 100.
    When i tested my testcase on all the correct submissions all of them gave output as 7.