A general extension to competitive programming

This is a kind of reflection on competitive programming as a whole. I have been a member of this website for around three months, but have been coding competitively for far longer.
I have made a kind of observation in general. While CC and other sites never fail to amuse me with their creative problems, it seems to me that over time competitive programming has become bound by a ‘syllabus’ (IDK if it was meant to be so). What I mean is, given any problem, most probably it’s solution involves Segment Tree, or DSU, or Kahn’s Algorithm, or… (you get it). While I realize that this is inevitable, I feel there is a great wealth of algorithms/DS’s not even touched by the Competitive Coding community, perhaps due to the complex implementation. These include Van Emde Boas (pretty basic) and also advanced stuff like Fusion Trees, Suffix Trists, structures for Dynamic Graph connectivity etc. While I realize this treads into borderline research and calls for heavy implementation, perhaps it is better that there be atleast a few threads that discuss such topics (even if they are research oriented).
I see that this is less of a problem in the ‘hard’ section where I see persistence, suffix tries etc once in a while.
It is just a suggestion/reflection, just curious to know your view on this.