A Must have & Amazing Tool for Competitive Programmers!

Hello Guys, I hope you are safe and happy :innocent: !!

A lot of competitive programmers want to check the details of Coding Competitions or forget about Contests on different Platforms.

Coding Buddy is a Chrome extension that I’ve made, which displays Ongoing and Upcoming Coding Competitions details.

Main Features:-

  • Visit a Coding Contest in just one click, by clicking on the contest name.
  • Add a contest to Google Calendar and use its features.
  • Select specific websites for updates.
  • Get access to all popular programming platforms, social platforms, and blogs in just one-click.

It currently supports:- Codechef, Codeforces, LeetCode, Atcoder, HackerEarth, HackerRank.

Coding Buddy is now available at Chrome Web Store:- Coding Buddy Link

Install and review, please! :writing_hand:



Coding Buddy has crossed 600+ Users

Currently it has 800+ users , you guys can add it to chrome.