A newbie to the codechef

    I am new to codechef and i would like to know how to get started in Programming and codechef.

depends on which language you use. solve problems in easy section of practice for starters. Good luck

Thanks friend but i had choosen C++ 98 is it ok?

as i use java i lack info about C++ and its versions

but i think C++ is a good choice as i have seen many top rankers in competitions using C++ , so obviously it has various tools to tackle the problems and as i have observed c++ solutions are very fast too.

So i think you are good to go, as i said practice easy problems.

See the solutions for that problem submitted by others,read editorials, implement them.

PS: people are not very active on these forum because there is no notification system as such, so find other resources also where you can discuss your issues.

Good luck