A python script to notify recent submission details

Many times, during a contest or just while practicing we want to see what was the recent submission of our favorite coders or of our friends.

However, we do not want to open each users profile and scrutinize the recent submissions list.

I developed a python script which on using a keyboard shortcut will deliver Windows notifications to users with recent submission details such as time, problem code, and points or verdict, etc.

Link to the project

How do I use it?

I use it during contests to get notified about the verdict of my own solution so that I don’t need to check my profile page for verdict again and again and can focus on next question.

Also, I use it to see which question my friend or favorite coder has tried.

Feel free to use it.

And do comment your suggestions or issues without any hesitation.



Maybe use this endpoint instead? It will save you a lot of trouble.
This is what populates the table on the user page in the first place. Though this might change with CodeChef’s about-to-be-released API.

Also, I would recommend using this responsibly during contests. Knowing CodeChef’s servers, I would not want to burden them unnecessarily.


can i use this in ubuntu?

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Yes, I will try using that endpoint.
Thanks for having a look at my project.

For now, it can only be used on Windows 10.
But whenever I get time, I will try to make it compatible for Ubuntu.