A request to codechef admin and codechef team

@admin and Whole CODECHEF team. It’s a humble request plz this time in February Short Challenges improve your Servers. The short challenges are usually conducted twice a month on the CODECHEF platform, and when Server gets down and the CONTEST GOES UNRATED. It really frustrates me.

I know someone will comment to me from the comment section that don’t focus on ratings. Yeah, its absolutely right but if that particular contest goes down to be the best contest you gave and later you come to know that it went unrated. It really makes you sad.


is it rated now? i think CC team already declares that future short contests will be unrated until new notification.

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This is not what they told.
WhatsApp Image 2021-02-01 at 18.58.19

They announced that future rated short contests will be postponed.

Ohh Sorry, I misread.