A Request to Codechef


Can you please let us know what is the SLA to reply on a comment raised in a problem in an ongoing contest?

I have asked a day before and still haven’t seen replies.

This has been going on since the dawn of codechef. Please provide a better sla of less than 3-4 hrs.

It’s very bad not to get replies even after a day

Upvote if yo all agree!

I don’t think it works like that. The problem Authors would only reply to the comment if answering it doesn’t reveal any hint or it is a genuine question which isn’t clearly mentioned in the question. If you question supposedly is a part of the observation, they won’t reply as they get many such questions during the contest. You can see only yours till any answer to a question is published publicly.


The following is mentioned in the guidelines for a problem setter

You will have to reply / moderate / approve the comments on your problems when they are used in a contest at the soonest. For short contests, you have to be online during the whole duration of the contest. For Long contest, you have to login every day to approve / reply comments. The tester/ editorialist may help you in this, but it is primary responsible of the problem setter to address the comments.

Although some problem setters might not follow this guideline. A reply within 3/4 hours for a long contest is unreasonable, the setter also has his own responsibilities like work/school/sleep.

To add more commentary onto the reply of @vruttant1403:
Yes, the answers to the question may not help with finding a solution; their sole purpose is to clarify the problem statement. However a reply like

You’re question asks about an approach to the problem, but I may only clarify the problem statement. If something in the statement is unclear to you, rephrase your question to ask about that ambiguity

would be totally a reasonable answer in such a case.

Furthermore, replies to comments are not publicly visible by default. This means you might get a private reply. Take as example https://www.codechef.com/OCT20B/problems/ADDSQURE, for which I was editorialist. When logged out the comment section I can only see a single comment from me. When logged in I can also see I have replied to many users privately. Those replies would only be visible if both the original question and the reply are set to published.