A short note of thanks to the Codechef community

Today is the last day of the year 2020. So, I thought of penning down a note wishing thanks to the amazing Codechef community. Right from the month of March, when the lockdown started, I decided to be serious about CP and codechef community has been the guide in this journey. From answering silly doubts to debugging my complex codes and hard to find bugs, the community has helped me manifold to improve my skills in this field. A beginner like me would have never made any progress had you all been not by my side.
I wish to thank @ssrivastava990 @ssjgz @vijju123 @taran_1407 and many others who have made sure that Codechef thrives successfully in its mission to impart CP skills to beginners like me.

Hope to compete with all of you guys in the upcoming year!!!


Happy New Year Codechef and CC community :slight_smile: :partying_face: @admin @sayan_1999 @l_returns @ssjgz @carre @galencolin @samarth2017 @everule1 and many more my CC friends which always helps me even I ask very dumb doubt :slight_smile:

This year we will improve more , learn more , grow more , code more , hustle more .

Little improvement day by day gives u awesome results -

(1.00)365 = 1.0

(1.01)365 = 37.7


I will do so much hard work this year that I will cross 2021 before 2021 ends


Happy New Year!

Won’t agree here, you always ask good questions and sometimes I also learn through them.
Hoping to see you in Div. 1 again.

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I forgot to tag @galencolin for his awesome blog on number theory at Codechef.

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Happy New Year guys :slight_smile:


Happy new year everyone😇


Love u bhai :heart:

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Happy New Year to all :slight_smile: