A slight help for solving SNUG_FIT

Hey guys. I have wrote a code for the snug_fit challenge but it shows wrong answer. My example test input gave the correct answer. But i think it doesnt cover all the situations. Can anyone point out the error in the logic?


Just change sum to long long int

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Ohhh… That worked. Thank you so much for ur help. Realized that something as stupid as that can make or break a whole program.

If you want to check whether your code is overflowing, you can use

#pragma GCC optimize "trapv"

At the top of the code.
It will give a runtime error instead of Wrong answer.


What does that do? I know just the basics of CPP coding.

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It gives Runtime error if something overflows, instead of wrong answer.

Ohh… Got it

You may go through this thread by @ssjgz. It has some nice debugging tips. :slightly_smiling_face:

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