A small effort for contributing in Programming Community

Hello! Guys, there are so many awesome blogs on Codeforces and Codechef but by the time we lost those blogs because it’s not easy to bookmark each and every blog.
So I thought to make a repository where I can store those blogs and in the future, if I need those blogs I can easily find those blogs from my repository (DP).


This is the link to my repo. on Github please suggest any other important table that should be added to this repo.
And if you have any resources regarding any of the given tables please add that to this repo.


So kind of you!:heart:


You can add tutorials from #galencolin-tutorial

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Thats great ! Thanks !!

there is already such a repo on github with all kinds of useful stuff

blog of all blogs

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I think my repo will be minimal and to the point if u guys will add good stuff ( The stuffs we really need) one more thing i will try to add good blogs of Codechef and Codeforces.

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Added :innocent:

I am still not convinced why all of us should contribute to a new repo when there is already one which has gone very far and has a wider audience. It may take years for your repo to gain so many followers.

Bro I mentioned in my post my main motto of creating this repo was to storing awesome blogs of Codeforces and Codechef as we know there are so many good blogs floating in discuss forums of Both sites. My intention was to store those blogs in a repo so that whenever we want to recommend those blogs to others or want to read we can easily access that.
I will store blogs if i will find any blog interesting if u find one then its your choice weather you want to make this repo enrich or not.

Thanks for such a kind efffort. But how can we store the articles out there if we find some interesting article.?

You can add link to article using Markdown.

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ok I understand now , by the way , I liked this collection nice blog collection

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