A small rating doubt?

In recent cook off my rating of cook-off decreased but overall increased. I mean should it not decrease my overall ratings because my cook-off rating also decreased…?
Anybody wants to share something about this…just curious :sweat_smile:

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Happened reverse with me. Increase in cook-off decrease overall.

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There is no special significance in the rating mechanism for ‘increasing rating’ or ‘decreasing rating’. It is just a rating delta given by a formula, and whether it is positive or negative isn’t a particular concern for the mechanism. And since the Cook-Off ratings and Overall ratings are calculated independent of each other, there will be a difference between the two deltas, since almost all the parameter values involved (except of course the contest rank) would be different for the two ratings.

You can read about it in more detail here - Rating Mechanism | CodeChef


okay… :+1: