A Solution for Cheaters

@admin ,
We have all encountered the unfairness in Codechef Long Challenges. Unfortunately, Long Challenges are something that make Codechef unique and beginner friendly, thus cannot be eliminated.
I suggest that Codechef set up a system where a users get rewarded for catching and reporting cheaters. Cheaters could be someone suspicious, like someone who 1 or 2 stars but ranks in the top 500-600 in Long Challenges. People can look at the YouTube videos of solutions and then check the submissions of these individuals to see if they have a similar code, or maybe a slight variation of code. Then these people can be reported.

This should create a self sustaining system within Codechef that is unfavorable for cheaters and
plagiarisers, while people who successfully catch cheaters have incentive to catch more. This will keep the sanctity and fun of Long Challenge alive and going.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Experienced programmers don’t need to copy-paste the whole code as they can rewrite it in the same language and you will never know if it is copied or not as there are many different ways to write a single program.

It is better to understand others code and rewriting it in your way as it saves a lot of time in solving a problem. Why should I waste my time when I can understand others code and rewrite it in my own way and waste my precious time?

Yes, but how experienced can a programmer get by cheating? Most of the cheaters belong to Div-3 to bottom Div-2 category, hence their skill is limited.

Cheaters could be someone suspicious, like someone who 1 or 2 stars but ranks in the top 500-600 in Long Challenges.

What is Div 3 for then? 1 star and 2 stars will rank 1,2… Also, then solution you are telling is not very possible. This same, exist for leetcode, but the submissions are very small(around 2k). Here submission is in lakhs. One has to manually verify submissions and who would want to do this tedious task?

Experienced enough to become a senior software developer or maybe an expert in the open-source community or maybe a senior in red/blue/purple team member.

After all in long-challenge competition programming skills like solving 5 problems in less than 3 hours doesn’t matter.

As in real-world GitHub, StackOverflow, Colleagues exist to help solve problems faster than if an individual solves them on its own. As time is a really precious entity you can’t waste it.

And don’t assume people don’t have the ability to learn from the solutions to the solved problem after all that is what experience is called.

And also by the way there are many 5 star cheaters who only do long-challenge.