A suggestion to prevent cheating

I have not sent a mail already as I wanted to know what are the views of the community on this suggestion.
If a mobile number is made mandatory to be linked to our codechef profile, people will think twice about joining any telegram/whatsapp cheating groups. For those students who don’t own a mobile, they can use one of their parents’ mobile for the verification.
If this mobile verification is made mandatory, I think the number of people who engage in cheating can be reduced to a large extent.
This will obviously not solve the problem but can reduce it.


That’s a nice idea man. I hope they check into this and implement if possible. @admin


Nowadays everyone has atleast 2 phone numbers.If any one wants to cheat then he/she can cheat in any way.


I know, but still it can act as a preventive measure, maybe. Also it can prevent creation of multiple accounts by the same person.


That’s not true hardly some of have 2 different phone numbers


there were hundreds of good proposals.
codechef will never take any action .
they want cheating to happen so that there are more people joining contest.
if there is no cheating ,many will not even participate in contests since they will lose their rating.


Yea, probaby for people at our age i.e. someone doing competitive programming, it is very likely that he/she has only 1 sim.

Agreed dude, it’ll reduce cheating to a large extent in my opinion.

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Let’s see, many suggestions are not viable for implementation. But I think this one should anyways be implemented, it would even prevent multiple accounts from the same user.

The same proposal was given to codeforces to reduce making of fake accounts there. Actually we can’t implement it, as first, this is a global platform and people from other countries too use this platform. They may not be quite comfortable to give mobile number.
2nd is, this will significantly reduce user base and no company will want this.

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Phone number is hidden on Telegram

  1. Telegram Doesn’t require Mobile Number
  2. It takes 5 min to get an alternative mobile number (very useful in cases of registration in spam websites).
  3. More incentive to hack CodeChef for hackers. (Data is the new Oil)

Well I agree it can reduce the problem. But point number 3 is a big turn down. No doubts on CodeChef Security but still there is always a risk.


These reasons sound valid. But I personally feel that they should not care about the user base, people who genuinely want to participate will verify their number and continue. But the global platform thing can be an issue.

Eventually people will come up with other ways to cheat , what I think is long challenge should be broken into 2-3 few hours challenges

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Thanks for the above points, seems like the implementation is pretty difficult and maybe not that useful😂

Didn’t know that. Fine.

If its broken down into 2-3 few hour challenges, hostel gangs can sit together and solve and laugh at idiots like me who do solo competitive coding even after having a job (for fun).

Also if I get a call in the middle of the contest (happens way too frequently) - its over.

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So many hostel kids want to KILL off long contests - makes me feel really worried.

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Well its a profit making company afterall(now under Unacademy), they need to care after userbase

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I don’t think this can prevent cause people can register their parents number and then join telegram groups from their number. so How can we make sure that they can’t join those groups anyway!

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