A suggestion to stop injustice occurring through codechef long challenge

  • Everyone knows about the level of cheating occurring in the CodeChef Long Challenge due to which genuine programmers are losing interest in the Long challenge.:confused:

  • Since the margin of cheating is very little in short challenges we can see that the no of participants falls down to 8k(March Cookoff) from 30k (March Long challenge), I just have a random suggestion I don’t know if it’s possible or not that It should be made a rule that one will get the ratings of the long challenge of the month if and only if he will participate in any one of the short contests in that month. :wink:

  • Many people won’t like this blog, not because of bad opinion but either it’s to their disadvantage or might be because I am just a 4* :laughing:. Anyways Thanks For Reading


No actually this is not a bad idea! The only problem would be I guess for the codechef ranking system. To exclude the ones who didn’t submit in the respective month’s short contest and only consider the other participants for the rating changes.
Some might also argue that there would be people who aren’t free during the course of short contests but do give long contests as they have 10 days. So yes, there are loopholes but maybe something related to this idea can be implemented


Yeah I know it would be difficult for the ranking system but there may be a chance that we don’t know. And yes it would be really unjust for them who won’t have time to participate in a short contest. What can be done is that there should be more short-rated contests in a month like this month we already had 2 and 2 are still remaining, so they will get time for at least one contest. And yeah this is not my final opinion this idea has to be modified in many ways but all its purpose is that it can be checked if someone has really gained some skills in the long challenge or it’s just another case of cheating.


I don’t think we should worry about them as they are cheating and fooling themselves
They can’t go higher than 4 star as it need actual study!
For me long challenge is grate as it give time to do a problem and know the root of it😄


Doesn’t make sense.

There are many working professionals who only participate in Long. Participation in short contests is less because of time also.

IMO if anything can be done then it should be separate rating for long and short contests


do you mean abolish common rating and let there be 2 ratings ?
one for long contests and other for short contests ?

If anything can be done then IMO it is the best option possible

If someone somehow gets pleasure in submitting code they don’t have any clue about, circumvents the plagiarism detector, bumps their rating, and then by means of a miracle gets a job and even gets to keep it, why would we care? That’s a great success story right there :slightly_smiling_face:


Your reason doesn’t make sense actually.

All the events occur on Saturday or Sunday
The only thing CC can do is spread the timings and include one more short event to actually curb cheating in long events

Some people only give long contests and they don’t cheat. For them should their rating remain 0 ?

Long and short contests are two different types. One is based on learning and other one is CP. For the short contests, you need to think as fast as you can. If one is good in long contests then it does not mean he/she will also be good in short contests also. So, imo there should be two different ratings for short contests and long contests.

This will also solve the problem of cheating to some extent. If they cheat in long then their rating of long contest will only increase.

Your suggestion for IMO is absolutely correct and it should be used . IDK why they don’t use it.
Coming to the topic of genuine coders. I honestly think that first question of every short contest is just for namesake which is very easy. If you are able to solve even 2 questions of long then you are in a position to get the first question right of short event.

Lets say there is a person who is 5star and gives only long. So, to maintain his rating, he/she needs to solve 2-3 ques of Div1 very fast in short contests. If he/she is not good at thinking very fast then surely he will drop rating. So, many don’t give contests after becoming 5star or 6 star.

I don’t know why people are obsessed with their rating even if they are in Div2.

Well because rating increases stars and stars have a value atleast during recruitment drive to showcase.

And when we talk about 5 star coder problem , then i would say when you come up with a policy every time there will be gainers and losers. Some will suffer, but for a long run it might prove beneficial.

Agree to you with point 1 but point 2 doesn’t make any sense.
The reason for huge participation in long is not cheating, its the time frame. Many people don’t get time for short contests, because they might have other things to do in same time. But in case of long, they can submit in any day within 10 days. Hence giving more people time to participate.

And for your information, now a days cheating happen at large scale in short contests as well. See many blogs on CF regarding cheating cases in CF rounds, Kickstart, Codejam etc.

One idea that could help would be to apply to answers in long challenge a coefficient less than one and proportional to the delay in sending the solution. That way, plagiarism would be more difficult and would discourage cheatters.

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