A Surprise for Everyone (UPDATED)

Recently I have been trying out dynamic programming problems from different sites and I have found out that Atcoder ABC contests have some really nice DP problems for beginners like me where the problem statement is not obfuscated with unnecessary information (I am not criticising CodeChef in any way, short problem statements are helpful for beginners like me to actually solve the problem and focus on the techniques).
So here I request the community to share the links to various DP problems from Atcoder ABC/ARC/AGC so that it may prove as a helpful resource to more people like me in their pursuit for learning dynamic programming.

(Please don’t post the link to the Educational DP Contest.)

Following are the links to some of the DP problems on Atcoder shared by the community members:-

Credits to @radhesh_sarma , @aryan12 and @utkarsh1729.


@everule1 Can you please share some of your favorite DP problems from Atcoder ABC.

The following two are quite nice. The first one is in japanese, probably you can google translate it to english.

  1. One
  2. Two – This one contains basic dp, a good practice for everyone who is beginning!

And if you need a list of problems, tutorials, videos and all, you can see them here.
This one is from codeforces.


Thanks @aryan12 for your response. Hoping for more response from the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, the last link that you gave doesn’t work. And ya, problems in English are preferred.

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Please post your favorite DP problems from Atcoder ABC (not the Educational DP Contest ones).


I don’t give atcoder contests.

Have updated it. I gave a wrong link by mistake, oops.

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Problems are in English. In the first link, you can translate into English.

  1. Right click on the page
  2. Click on translate page
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Alright. Thanks.

More problems please. I am sure there are many nice DP problems on Atcoder ABC.

Thanks @radhesh_sarma for the problems. Post some more problems when you find them.

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Here’s one that I found:-

Can anyone please share some dynamic programming problems from Atcoder ABC/ARC? This topic aims to compile a list of DP problems from the ABC and ARC so people can practice DP using those problems. We need the community’s help. :slightly_smiling_face:

@utkarsh1729 Post updated

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Great !!! Thanks.

Rather than having different problems in different replies, you should update the list of the problems sent on the first post itself. That will be much easier.

I have compiled the links. Thanks for the suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face:

Community, please help us in expanding this list of DP problems on Atcoder.