A Template for Competitive Programming

Hello Reader!

In my journey of Competitive Programming, I have got a realization of how important it is for one to have a template code of their own, which can serve as a “Boiler-Plate” for solving problems. Having such code aids you to implement your ideas in a much more quick and efficient manner and also saves you a lot of time in typing.

Through this post, I’d like to encourage you to make your own template for solving Competitive Programming problems. Feel free to check out my template for ideas (Or you can just copy-paste it, I don’t mind :wink: )

Github Repo for the Template - GitHub - kmvolv/CP-Template: A useful template for competitive programming

If you’d like to acquire some in-depth knowledge about the functions and C++ Templates I have utilized in my code, do check out the README file in the aforementioned repository.

Thank you for your time!
~ alalam


Sir, will you explain : what is template in programming and how it is helpful in the competitive programming.
I am beginner in programming world want to build knowledge help me by providing your experience.
Thank you!

It is simply a pre written code that can contain common algorithms, initializations, anything that is recursive in nature and has a fixed preset with placeholders so that you can make slight changes and not completely write it from scratch… saves time keeps it systematic.


Hi Devesh!
I think @savas_karnali explained it very well. It is essentially a code which you keep ready before solving any problem that contains something which you would always use (take the inclusion of header files for example). Having a template saves you the time of typing those such things repeatedly.

Good luck on your CP journey!

I have written a much more detailed blog on this. check it out: getting started with cp

Nice work, hope this would be of good use in your future contests!