Able to access problems before contest

Hello @admin. I was able to access problem statement before the contest (cook-off). I responsibly reported issue on similar lines couple of weeks back, but not getting any replies.

I decided to use this vulnerability to try getting problem statement before contest and report it, so that codechef fixes it for the sake of this wonderful CP community. To maintain fairness, I am not participating in this round. (On a lighter note, I (hopefully) would solve only DIV2A :smiley: anyway).

I kindly request codechef admin to take note of this and fix this before any contests so that fairness is ensured. I am 2 star coder and not active on CP, but no, I don’t want the first contest in which I solve all problems is through cheating!

With all that is happening on lines of cheating in long challenges, I want to say to all the hardworking programmers, Codechef will take care of plagiarism. Don’t get demotivated. At the end, you will get what you deserve!

All the best for the cook-offs! Fire on all cylinders!

Thanks Codechef for the awesome platform, I will once again give details in personal message!

EDIT : Posting this after the contest started, and no! I don’t participate from fake accounts. @admin : Good number of laddus on the cards ?


Is the site working opening for you ?

Looks like there is some load issue. It is opening now.

“I don’t want the first contest in which I solve all problems is through cheating!”

In what parallel universe do you think you can solve all the problems of cookoff being a 2 star coder (you yourself said it)? Even if you know the problem before hand a day ago, you can’t solve more than 3 and if you can then you won’t be a 2 star coder.


Well that’s because he has integrity.


Common, that sounds rude. 2 star coder doesn’t mean end of the world, codechef isn’t the only site and I don’t want to argue on this brother! Peace!

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I would have agreed that if i posted problems before the contest! It’s by codechef policy i have not provided amy details and personally reported this to codechef. Peace and all the best!

Thanks a lot. All the best!

Read that again, I didn’t disrespect you because of 2-star mark, I said its not possible to solve more than 3 problems even if you know the problems a day ago for beginners and sometimes I can’t even solve 4th problem even with editorials.

I commented on your specific statement not because of you being a 2-star (when I’m myself is only 3-star)

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While I don’t agree that it is impossible (for me) to solve all problems having problem set even if one has it before a day, I am not offended by tone or 2* remark! I just solved 4 challenges in AUG20B and no where near top 15k users. But reported every blog that contained solutions during live contests! Peace and all the best!

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Codechef notification was like

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