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When i open a question or give any contest the site opens up the new web designed page of codechef is and every time i have to select “Switch to old problem page” is there a way to permanetly revert back to old page rather than clicking on it. And feedback, can’t we get the video solution on youtube like earlies hyperlink to go to yt, i didn’t find any links here in this video solution it played itself in the page :frowning:

K Flip - Submit | CodeChef

this was the video solution i was watching.

There’s no way to permanently revert to the old problem page. We will be retiring the old problem page in the near future. If there is anything that you want us to fix on the new problem page, please feel free to let us know.

PS: The video editorials are now a part of the CodeChef Pro offering. If you want to access the video editorials (of problems above difficulty rating 500), you can Upgrade To Pro.

I was talking about the video tutorials available after contest end , and about the new web page it feels lagish, the responsiveness of the old page was better and it loaded fast mean while the new webpage takes time and sometimes it say couldn’t load try refreshing, it not of a big deal but compared to earlier page it feels let down, i most use the old Web page still now please don’t discontinue the old Page

I get it. I am also referring to the same video tutorials/editorials.

Thank you for the feedback. We will try and fix the lag that you are referring to. If possible, it’ll be great if you can share a screen recording (along with your browser details) to understand it better.

There are multiple features that we will be bringing to the new problem page, which won’t be available on the older problem page. I understand that you might be used to the older one. But we will fix all the the issues on it and make it faster like the older one.

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thanks, and the web page loading time has been decreased a lot , don’t know how , but I still preffer the old page (hopefully it will stay):sweat:. And I am using edge browser on both my laptops(one is old- dual core 4gb ram other one is my new laptop) but I mostly use my old laptop for cp since I am used to my old keyboard after years of using it

Glad to know that. We haven’t done any new changes yes. You may try a Chromium-based browser (Chrome/Brave) or Firefox. It works like a charm. Happy Coding!

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thanks :heart:

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