About ACM ICPC 2020

The codechef site - ACM ICPC 2020 says that “There will only be one common online round for all the 4 Indian regionals” but on the Baylor Site under the “Asia West Contest” the dates for each regional site is different.
It would be really very helpful if someone can confirm about what is correct .
I am asking this for the online round. The following comment has the screenshots - link
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The four different dates you mention pertain to the regional onsite round, which is not the same as the online round.

Sorry, you saw it wrong. The first picture is of the online round and the second is of onsite rounds.


Yup, I have the same doubt…they said only 1 online round for all 4-regionals but it shows 4-different regionals having online rounds at different dates… which one to select ?

Can someone clear it up ? @l_returns @ssrivastava990


Online Round-> Regional round(onsite)-> World Finals
first you have to appear for Online round. On the basis of Online round each Regions would shortlist teams to participate in their regional round. Online round is common for everyone and date is same. But different regions have different dates for regional rounds. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Yes,having the same problem please help us clear our doubt as it is the first time I am going for ACM-ICPC

Did you mean regional rounds as onsite rounds.Oh got it so online round date is yet to be announced .Thanks for help.


But baylor site shows different dates. That’s what I want to clear out. Last year the baylor site and the codechef site showed the same date, that is, one date for all the sites. But this time baylor shows different dates for each site.

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Baylor site shows dates for regional (onsite) rounds. Online date is decided by the platform organising it (i.e. Codechef in India).

Baylor shows for both as we have to register there and they are the major authority .Please see this comment -link

I also have the same problem please help. @admin @vijju123 @karangreat234

I am just going with the Pune-Gwalior option… I don’t know what will be the competition there but I am ok with whatever it will be !