About June Long Challenge - Math-Contest

If you are good at your math and Observation.No one will stop you in contest.I think all are thinking same as well.
I think all problem setters are like Math.
Is it??


CP is related to maths . There are problems in Div-2 which is totally based on Maths, but Div-1 problems will surely test your algorithmic skills .

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Yeah…It’s True…!! I belong to Div 2…I saw problems in Div 1 as well…but this time It’s purely based on Math…when I solving one by one…I learn some Math too…funny…!!!

I totally disagree with you . Div -1 problem will surely require some algorithmic knowledge to solve.

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I would say a basic observation contest.

Yes specially Intersecting paths and chef and his dish

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Yes man…!! I talking about Div 2…I jus saw Div 1 problems…Those are totally hard for me…!!except 1 and 2.

Intersecting Paths can be solved by a CP coder who knows LCA very well. But I still cannot get How to solve chef and Dish.

Yes, so is it like Div 2 people need to work on their ‘math’ to get to solve pure algorithmic problems.? Last contest (May 19B) had many algorithmic questions and accurate submissions got dramatically dipped after 3-4th problem where as this time they were hight throughout. Observation is important but making a full contest math oriented isn’t fair I believe.

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All O(nqlogn) solutions passed for chef and dish :frowning: Weak test cases gave many people AC
All you gotta do is assume that array has very few numbers with frequency :- 1,2,3 :slight_smile:

u cant eliminate observation skills frm CP too
all algorithms are based on observation and mathematical skills of someone b4 world knew abt them

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And then write an O(nlogn*q) solution :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t do this cheap trick cuz I trusted Codechef that the test-cases will be strong :slight_smile:

Waiting for official editorial . I want to see that what was the intended solution .

Same here. You can check here:- https://codeforces.com/blog/entry/67382

I did not expect so many submission for COOLCHEF or COUNTIT , these two were quite hard problems . FGTREE looks quite easy expected lot more submission.


Solution to both were posted on the internet sadly :frowning: I know that finding that formula for COUNTIT is very hard…and guess what, just some hours ago, I saw it on the internet :stuck_out_tongue: COOLCHEF’S AC’S are due to weak cases.

Div 2 was completely pattern and observation based except INTRAPATH.

SUMAGCD’ s solutions was posted on the internet few days ago at 5 different places :stuck_out_tongue: . It currently has 3000+ views on one of the posts, god knows how many guys copied stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
And even during the long, so many people were reporting the copy cases. This is more of like a Hard-core-copy-long-challenge. Even INTRAPATH AND LENTMO has solutions on internet :stuck_out_tongue:
Ps:- I didn’t participate in this Long :slight_smile:


CHEFING was easier than SUMAGCD . A score of 700 will not get you rank within top 10 in India but some questions were quite tough. Weak TC are still ok but cheating is not acceptable.

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Chefing was easier but had less submissions compared to sumagcd as its solution was not on the internet I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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