About my rating after FEB15

After Chinese New Year,I find my long content rating changed because of FEB15.
Strangely,it decrease -3744.9446! I have sloved 6 problems!
Are there anyone tell me what happend?

Possible case of cheating. Maybe some other user had same submission like you had, or the same code. When you are caught in case of plagiarism your all successful submissions of the challenge are ignored and it is equivalent to not solving a single problem in the challenge. Sorry for bad English .

@zentropy >> Its better to ask from the Codechef team directly in these cases. As they don’t have ample time to look into each and every topic in the forums so there are chances that this might get missed or not addressed quickly which you might not want.

@bugkiller How to contact THE TEAM on this situation? Sending email to feedback@codechef.com?

Sadly,maybe because I have tested my code on IDEONE to check work well on GCC.
I received the email from CODECHEF on FEB20, but didn’t pay no attention to them.

Hey zentropy, we hope this has been resolved over the email. If you still have any query, feel free to get in touch with us.