About Plagiarism

If I copied a function of any sorting algorithm from “Geeks For Geeks” for saving my time.

will it be bad for my ratings?

No. BTW you can try the sort function. it works fine :grin:

it was not working in cpp 14 and i din’t tried in cpp17.

i think it works only in cpp17

it works u just don’t know it yet how to use it

try to avoid extra spacings.
first copy algorithm to notepad the paste it seems you’re new.

yes i am new

Yes, you can. But it should be publicly available and published before the start of the contest and you need to mention the source in your code.
Check point 7.

Code of Conduct

yes, it was published before the contest. but I didn’t mention the source in my code before the submission.

I have just mentioned the source in my code and resubmitted the code.

will it work?