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i am a school going boy ,what can i choose in institute section

Well everything is going fine nowadays , cheaters are getting plag, ui is improved , the only problem that i have is there are a set of users who are smart enough to overcome plag check(they simply dont copy paste code :smiling_face_with_tear:). They need time for the code to come from some source and then edit it to overcome plag checks so basically time is a big factor here so the suggestion is to reduce the points awarded for every question as the time passes during a contest just like codeforces .I know in codechef’s system if a user solves a question first he will get placed first but solving the question is very important here . So here is a scenario of yesterdays lunchtime i had solved 2 questions by 2hrs in div 2 and there is a user who i know copy paste all the solutions of first second and third questions within minutes get placed above my rank this doesn’t makes any sense .Here the concept of solving questions beats timely submission. So please consider this point rest all is fine. @system @admin @shaily_adm