About the rating system in the new long contest format.

I am not able to understand, the rating system. Why the ratings of everyone with ranks as good as 171 decreased even in div 3. This a new benchmark that getting good ranks may not ensure you a positive rating change.
How is the following scenario possible :

A codechef profile having initial rating 1580 gets a +158 to reach 1738 at a rank of 148.

Another profile having an initial rating 1559 gets a -18 to reach 1541 at a rank of 171.

1580—>1738(+158) (Feb long challenge II rank 148)
1559—>1541(-18)(Feb Long challenge lI rank 171)

Theres a diffence of only 23 ranks and a difference of over 170 rating points in the two profiles. Their was a total participation of more than 16000 in the Feb long challenge - ll . Codechef needs to review its rating system.

This means, if 100 people gave the exam and all of them solve all the questions (and since time penalty isn’t there in Lang challenges) they all get rank 1. But this will not ensure that they all get a positive rating change.

I want the codechef team to please look at this issue.

Bro 9142 participants out of 19919 solved the first 4 problems ( got 171 rank).
What more do you expect ?
Its perfectly fine
PS :-
STOP WRITING THESE STUPID POSTS again and again . It has been answered multiple times

Bro! you are not understanding the essence of my discussion, yes 9142 participants solved 4 problems and only around 171 solved more than 4.

This creates a lot of gap in rating changes. its the same thing that a student got A+ if he scored 10/10 and all others got C only because they all scored 9/10. Shouldn’t the others get an A ?