Accepted Solutions not counted, and not showing up in "My Submissions"

Dear CodeChef,

I submitted my solution for the problem : STROPERS and it was accepted after passing all the test cases. A score of 100 should’ve been added to my total score and it happened, but again reduced by 100. I tried multiple times but the online judge wouldn’t save my solutions. Every time I got a 100 score, but it didn’t show up as “solved” on the main page of the contest. It was well before the finishing time of the contest.
Even after repeated submission, the “my submissions” section was completely blank. Please do something about it. I spent a lot of time and energy on that problem.

PS: Reply and do take some action.


it takes time sometime to get updated, relax, check in 5-10 minutes it will be there

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Yes, there seems to be an issue. We are looking into it.


@admin i solved STROPERS partially but in the ranklist page its not showing and even in my profile its not showing up

This should be fixed now.

Didn’t want to create a separate thread for a similar issue, today I solved “LADDU” problem from DSA Learning Series, it got Accepted, but did not show up in the list of “Fully Solved” nor in the “Recent Activity” section, I had to re-submit it from the practice section to solve the issue. Is it a bug @admin?

DSA Series contests are unlisted. So any submissions in that won’t show up in your recent activity.

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Thanks for clarifying!

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