Accidental Submission of a code in a contest where I'm a problem setter

I am a problem setter in May long challenge contest. I was trying to submit a solution to one of the problem through my ID and accidentally i submitted the solution in Long challenge contest page instead of Testing page. Now the verdict is showing on my codechef ID. My problem is featured in Div. 2 and I belong to Div. 1. as I’m part of the ranklist now, it may effect my rating. Please Help.

No, dont continue making submissions. Please contact @admin (you know who- the one who introduces panel with each other &etc) and the contest admin @mgch .No decision is to be taken without their approval. Most probably @admin will revoke your submission to sort the issue out. Dont make any further submission, because contesting in a contest where you are in setting panel is a very serious offence at codechef, and anywhere else.

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