Account Creation Problem

I have a account with suppose “my_username” with “my_email”.
I deleted that account for some reason successfully.

Now When I am creating the new account with “my_username” with “my_email”, it is showing username is already taken.
@admin @codechef help here.

You can’t use the same username again, but you can use the same email.

but i deleted that “username” account.

also if it is not possible , how can I get back the previous username account. It is showing no username found

After deleting your account may be your account user name must stored in their server for some while.

i got same issue bro i was trying to change email but deleted account. i am ok with even if i get no progress saved but that username was important.

DId u got any updates ?

Hi Jugal,

Can you please send us an email to so we can check what was the issue with your account?

i already did before posting but there was no response so tried to search if anyone like me have same issue.