Account deleted

I deleted my account from codechef and now i want to make a new account from the same id but when i enter my email to make new account its says email already taken. pls help @admin my account is working on discussion forum(idk how??) only but i cant able to login/register in codechef as a new user.

I don’t think Codechef allows the same person to have two different Codechef accounts. :thinking:. Since you already have this one, would Codechef allow you to create another?

According to Codechef’s Code of Conduct you are not allowed to possess more than one account, else it will lead to suspension/expulsion or considered as plagiarism.

Sedlyf. They fixed this bug. In past they used to allow multiple accounts with same email.

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This is my friend id.
my ID is just working on discussion forum but its not working on codechef.
As I deleted my account and now want to make new account ,i have no account now on codechef and its not allowing me to make new one also.

this is my friend account.
now i have not a single account as i said i deleted this account.

you can see by clicking codechef profile of ambuj2512 its says not found