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Guys, Finally I made it to 2 stars and I am now in div 3, Now I hope rank increases faster are there are so many cheaters in Div 4.

I am pro at Python, but I code in Python only when C++ gets too long amazing journey till now :slight_smile: , initially I took help from YT but soon I realized it is never going to help in long run so I solved only what I knew, Sometime I was able to solve only 1 problem in div 4 can you imagine !!!

But I kept learning and slowly I increased my capacity. Thanks to self learning tab but unfortunately it going to be a paid feature soon.

Congratulations and keep grinding!. BTW there are more cheaters in Div3 than Div4 (Too many in long contest) itโ€™s sad but once we reach Div2 it will surely be much healthier competition.

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there are so many cheaters in Div 4

initially I took help from YT

ohh god, the irony.


I was laughing too hard on that but didnโ€™t wanted point out, lol


I stopped giving long challenges long before I only focus on short challenge.

This Irony is truth of life for most people in div4, but the one who rises up from it becomes great programmer.

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