ACM Amritapuri new list.

Hello Everyone,
I am a member of team OGLA from acm Amritapuri. Our team secured a position of 279 in the online prelims and we were ranked 12th in out Institute( IIT Kharagpur). And to my surprise I saw the new list of teams selected and a team with a rank lower than our rank was selected in the second list .We were not intimidated by any sort of email and sir, this is an unfair situation for many teams from KGP. I would acknowledge any help from people around here as we would also like to take part in the onsite round.

Thanking you,
Rajdeep Sarkar

They have limit of maximum 10 teams per institute.

My team got selected too. Our onsite preference has been given as Amritapuri. Does that mean we would be giving our onsite at the Amritapuri campus in Kollam(Kerala) ? Thank You.

@aalhadkulkarni the new team which has been selected has rank of 17 in our institute.

@rajbsk, are you referring to this list?

Because I didn’t find any team from IIT KGP in this list. Or is there one more list other than this?

Here is the 6th list

Oh sorry I didn’t know about this list.
Have you tried to contact amritapuri people?

Yes. I think Amritapuri means kollam campus

Ya, I got a reply today that the name was there by mistake.