what are the key points one should keep in mind for preparing for an exam like this?

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@avi_9314 These are some of useful things

  1. Team formation : There must be a mutual triangulation relation among team mates which is very very crucial .

  2. Speed Accuracy and fast typing : If you want to qualify for regionals get ready with these attributes . Atleast one team mate must be good at languages(C++ , python) along with fast typing . Having deep knowledge of programming skills like stl etc will make the code consise and eventually it will be easy to type .

  3. Solve Greedy and DP problems : Atleast one team mate must be strong at deriving the solutions for greedy problems . The faster you come to a claim for solutions , the better you perform .

  4. Participate only in short contests


thanks !
can you give me some sources from where i can learn dynamic programming

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@avi_9314 I would reccommend you to be thorough with recursion before starting dynamic programming . Well , Dynamic programming can be learnt from many sources like and practice problems on codeforces and btw we need atleast 6 months to master dp :slight_smile:

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Regarding the first point.
I do agree with this one fully and would advice any team preparing for a contest even within a year to start competing together from now onwards.believe me or not but it’s more important than you think.
Ex:i participated in acm-icpc this year along with two best coders of my college. What we thought was that “we are good individually so, teaming up together will surely improve results” but we were wrong cause we were lacking team -work and coordination.the reason was simple "we participated only in one contest together prior to the main contest " and the result was that we were only able to solve just 1problem in 3 hours. Later on after few days I got to know that first two problems of the contest have been moved to beginner section of codechef practice(i had solved about half of problems of this section prior to the contest)
Now, when I think about it. I am damn sure that I could have solved at least two problems in the contest even if I had to participate alone.

“Team work is damn important”



very right bro ! we will surely work such that we could possibly bring the best teamwork .

Gotcha! 6 months it is… :slight_smile:
Any particular online teacher you know who can make the explanations easy to understand?!

@treasure363 coding blocks videos can be helpful and gaurav sen as well

Don’t underestimate the importance of team cohesion.
Always try to prove your solutions to a reasonable extent. There is only one PC so blindly trying a solution multiple times has a cost.
Even if you don’t have the time to learn all important algorithms inside out, just learn the use-case on a surface level so you can refer to your notebook when needed.