ACM ICPC Amritapuri: Payment Status still pending

Its been over 7 days since I made the payment for amritapuri region. But the payment status on baylor site is still pending and our team name is also not showing on amritapuri website. The team name is “Enter team name here”. I mailed them twice this week for the issue at: and there is no response Whereas for the gwalior region it got confirmed on the same day. What should I do?

Same problem.

Same case is with us. Team name Bazinga. Payment was done on 16th of October but our name doesn’t show up on their site’s list. I mailed them but no reply from Thier side.
@codechef @admin kindly guide use what to do given that the contents is just couple of days away.

Email them again at
Mention college name, team name and Transaction Id on the mail

Same with me

@babangain yes we have sent all these details in the mail. Also the registration on baylor site was done prior to payment

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I paid on 16th . Got accepted on 18th.