ACM icpc amritapuri payment



Our team have registered for Amritapuri region and made the payment also. But in the Baylor site it’s still showing pending. And no message came about my payment made for the same. What to expect now. I have left the online contest ID part blank.


Facing similar problem… What are we supposed to fill in Online Contest Id . The registration process is soo unclear


now it’s updated our teams status has been updated a few hours ago…


unable to find icpc 2018 amritapuri regionals payment details.
please help me find its payment details .
on its site it is given that payment details will be updated soon but last date of payment is given as 20 october.
please someone help asap.



While paying, do we have to mention email/phone of the coach or one of the team members ?


Can anyone please tell what should we enter in Team ID?


have you got your team accepted?


Email/phone of coach needs to be mentioned.


Leave it blank.


I entered my email/phone. Would that be a problem?